Autumn Part I

By on 4-04-2009

For those caught up in the hustle and bustle of a 9-5, its hard to tell when the autumn winds begin to push summer’s warm, lemonade laced days south of the equator. Twice a year, the angle of the earth is so that day and night are equal, with it comes a sense of transition as well as reflection. I swear, there is a distinct moment where I feel the first brisk autumn winds embrace my skin. Immediately I am filled with visions of cloudy days and psychedelic forests, pumpkin patches and apple orchards, the smell of autumn potpourri and the taste of cider and pumpkin pie. A time for harvest and preparation, exploration and celebration. Every moment outside is a walk through an art gallery. Every corner a new painting that sparks a memory or sentimental feeling.

You’ll never see me taking autumn pictures without my tripod. I don’t care if my 70-200 f/2.8 has vibration reduction, I really prefer having a stable platform for my camera where I can really take my time and frame a shot. If I think I have it, I can leave it in frame and step back for a second and re-evaluate without losing my shot. The Manfrotto tripod with panoramic head is heavy, but I feel naked without it. When buying a tripod, you get what you pay for and if you don’t pay for it, you’ll end up paying for it later. Got it? Good.

The images below are just a sampling of my Autumn collection. I will continue to add to this collection as I sift through my archives. The waterfall image below is a panoramic image even though it is sized to 5 x 7. I really love the high definition I get by shooting panoramic images.

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