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By on 7-05-2009

It’s impossible to know how ALL of my images have been used. After all, as of January 2010, I’ve sold almost 17,000 images on iStock. It may sound impressive and I’m quite happy with the accomplishment, but its nothing compared to the top 10 iStock contributors who have sold over 200,000+ images (and that may be a low estimate). I have had a few health concerns that have prevented me from being 100%, but I still managed to build my portfolio significantly over the last year. Come to think of it, I’ve actually shot more great stock since my health issues started. I have promised myself that I will continue to grow my portfolio and make my images stand out more. Recently, I thought about getting into iStock Video and did a bunch of research and got a Canon HV40 and after a few days, I realized that I need to get back into photography and focus on making that better before I leap into the world of motion pictures. I’m tired of being the “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Anyways, I wanted to create this post to showcase some of my stock “in action”. The images below are snapshots or screenshots of my images used on various print and websites! This gallery will be constantly updated as I am starting to see more and more of my work used all around the world!

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