Made With Love By Jackie Moon – Winter Shoot

By on 2-18-2010

I had so much fun working with Jackie on her last shoot and was fortunate enough to work with her again today! Her product is so beautiful and she looks great in front of the camera! She has an very natural and cute style that everyone should be drooling over! Let’s hope that her crochet patterns sell very well!

We headed back to the same neck-of-the-woods that we shot in last time, but this time conditions were quite different. Instead of overcast, we had direct sunlight and instead of leaves and lots of brown, we had snow and tons of white! Needless to say the camera was shooting really fast today! Again, I brought the reflector/diffuser, but I was very happy with the direct sunlight! They say that shooting in direct sunlight creates harsh shadows and poor results. I think this may not be as true in the winter. Something about the sun today was not as intense. The light was beautiful and the images turned out great!

Her best friend and my girlfriend Mary got in on the action today as well! You’ll see Mary all over this website as she is no stranger to modeling! She looked great as well! They are two peas in a pod!

The shots below we shot at ISO 100, f/3.5 at 1/400-1/1600 using a Nikon D80 and my Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8G  ED-IF  AF-S VR. All of the light was natural light, no diffusers or reflectors, just the sun! Everything was shot RAW and white balanced with a WhiBal!

Jackie currently sells her crochet patterns on and will eventually transition to

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  1. Wonderful photos Leo.
    I love all the photos you take.

  2. Thank you again Leo for the BEAUTIFUL photos, you are truly a talented photographer!

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