Made With Love By Jackie Moon – Fall Shoot

By on 2-17-2010

I don’t have much experience shooting fashion, but putting myself in the shoes of the designer makes the process so much easier. The objective is to show customers what the product looks like while conveying a feeling or mood. Much like her products, I wanted to keep the images clean and natural.

We found an area in a forest that had a topography similar to something a meteor would create. A great flat base to stand on with an incline that made for beautiful background eye candy, especially shooting with a wide open aperture. All of these images were shot with my Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8G  ED-IF  AF-S VR at ISO 100, between f/3.2 – 3.5 at 1/50 – 1/200th. I brought a reflector but didn’t have to use it since the clouds created a brilliant softbox for me. Very soft and even light provided by mother nature is ideal for any type of photography! I shot everything RAW and used a Whibal for white balance. Check out my About page for a list of my equipment.

Jackie currently sells her crochet patterns on and will eventually transition to

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  1. Hey Leo, these are beautiful pictures. I love the fashion, and I LOVE the background – beautiful!!!

  2. You can tell these are made with love. Great stuff from JM!

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