2011 Jeep Drive Away Event

By on 6-24-2010

Chrysler contacted me to take some photos of a “Drive Away” event that they were hosting at Soldier Field. In a nutshell, they were unveiling a new 2011 Jeep model and this was to be an informative pep-rally for the dealers. At the end of the event, each dealer drove away with a new Jeep. Pretty cool! Not sure who paid for the cars, but all I know is that I didn’t get one.

I worked as the Department Information Administrator (IT, HelpDesk and Network Admin) for the Chrysler Midwest Business Center from January of 2007 – September of 2008. While working there, I had the opportunity to showcase some of my design and photographic skills. I must have left some sort of impression because the marketing manager asked if I’d document the event for them.

2011 Jeep Drive Away Event

The main objective of the shoot was to capture the layout of the event. All of the cars were lined up around the outside of Soldier Field. An aerial photograph would have been the best way to capture the scene, but renting a helicopter can get quite expensive (although I have done it and it’s super fun!) Besides taking to the sky, a panoramic image was the next best solution. Each panoramic image consists of 5-6 vertical images stitched together using Auto-Pano Pro. All the shots were taken with Nikon D90 and my 24-70 f/2.8 lens. My ISO was set to the minimum since it was bright and sunny, I also had the aperture pretty much wide open since it didn’t really matter much and I used the built in light meter to figure out the shutter speed which ended up being around 1/2000. Nice and bright! I touched up the levels a bit in Photoshop, upped the brightness and contrast a tad and there you have it!

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  1. Fantastic, Leo!
    You do great work!!

  2. well done on the panorama!

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