Timelapse Photography

By on 1-20-2012

Previously when I compared the D7000 to higher end “professional” camera’s, I wondered why people would spend thousands more on a D1X or D4 when they can do just about everything with a prosumer camera like the D7000. Not only do the higher end cameras have a full frame sensor, but they also perform better in low light (ISO) and most importantly, they can shoot photos continuously without running out of memory (buffer, cache, whatever they call it these days).

Graveyard Timelapse

I ran into a memory problem when I shot this timelapse at the New Forest Home Cemetary in Chicago. I wanted to take one picture every second, continuously for about 5 minutes. Sorry, [buzzer sound], no can do. Once it shot about five or six photos, it would lag a little bit until the photos were processed and stored on the memory card. So I’d get five shots in five seconds and then it would go three seconds without a shot and continue on. The solution was to switch from RAW to medium sized JPEG. Lowering the amount of data that the camera needed to process, fixed the problem, but left me without a digital negative. The result was still pretty cool, but it left me eying a higher quality camera as I love to shoot RAW. I used a dolly and digital controller to give this timelapse movement.

Supplies Used


Once all the images were taken, I simply cropped the images to 1280 x 720 (720p resolution) in Photoshop and then used Quicktime Pro to create an image sequence. I don’t recall if it was 10 or 6 frames per second. I then took the .mov file and added some music to it using Adobe Premiere Pro. Enjoy!

The Drive

Midnight Tubing

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