Music, Oh How I Miss You!

By on 7-17-2013

If you read my previous post about product photography, you read about how I used my Nikon to create cinematic trailers that showcase our products. Again, I’m grateful that my business gives me to opportunity to create little mini trailers and wouldn’t you know it, I get to make music for the trailers too! But I do want to get back into making more music, just for fun. Especially since the stuff I make now is more like a jingle then a song. Here is an example of a track that I wrote for use in a product trailer.

This is a “Dave Matthews” inspired piece.

This is the type of stuff I want to write more of. “Pipedream Primer” is something that I would consider “complete”. One of the few!

Here is an old acoustic jam that I recorded live with an old work buddy, John Molina, who plays an amazing lead on this track.

Another one from John and I

After watching Michael Rapaport’s “Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest” and hearing how Q-Tip started making music, I decided to go get some SUPER random vinyl. I picked out the most random record at the local resale shop and put the needle on it. This is just a simple hip hop track that features a sample (and an overdub) of Michel LeGrand’s Theme From “The Go-Between”. This one was never finished (like 99% of the stuff I write), but it’s something. Can you pick out the ICP-inspired organs? LOL

My cover of “I’m On Fire” by the Boss.

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  1. Again, I am amazed at your talents. Not just in photography and graphics but now MUSIC! Thanks for posting your work, I am inspired!

  2. wow! I am truly amazed at your talents! So glad I found this site. I really appreciate the beauty you portray in everything you do Leo!! Love everything! , Do you have a cd out yet?? I think you ought to put one out- I definately want one! hugs!

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